Much awaited feature added to YouTube android app.

Hi guys, we have been awaiting for this much awaited feature that was available in desktops already. Atlast it has arrived for android. The latest update for YouTube allows us to rewind or skip forwards 10 seconds by double-tapping  on the left and right sides of the video player of YouTube app. This feature has got our teams’ appreciations and is really time saving and useful.screenshot_2017-02-19-17-48-07screenshot_2017-02-19-17-48-17

Another great feature for app has came for the fullscreen videos. It recommends some videos. Now for those videos you don’ t have to exit fullscreen. Just tap on the screen and slide up from the bottom of the video. Voila your recommended videos will show up.


We are also waiting for the much awaited feature that should be present in the android app is the speed at which the videos will be played just like in the desktop. So Google are you listening. Just add this feature already.


You can download the latest YouTube app from the link below.


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