80 new Pokemons from Johto region were added to Pokemon Go new update.

Yesterday, in India we got update for Pokemon Go; when it was officially announced. And a lot of new pokemons were added to the already big army of pokemons. These new squads are known as Generation 2 pokemons, which were aired in Pokemon’s original series of Johto Journies. We managed to catch some of them in a day.


There were new pokemons added to nearby when we played Pokemon Go, usually a daily routine. We were able to catch some of the new fruits as well. And these are Nanab berry and Pinap berry.

Nanab berry allows the user to make an erratic pokemon (today we were irritated by the Ledyba and Remoraid), when we used that it made them calm.

Pinap berry allows the user to drop more candy.


This was really nice update. We hope that we will get more new delicacies and new generation pokemons soon.


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